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Shelf world

A few degrees off target

Deviant Little Cupcake
3 May 1982
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I both respect and condemn myself in equal measures, chances are I will feel the same about you at any given moment but be a little less likely to express it. I accept people being borderline offensive because I assume they don't mean it, but am overly polite when I should be more open with my opinion because I assume people think I'm being offensive. Really need to work on that and learn to weed out those who mean to show no thought and those who haven't got a mental thermometer for rudeness.

I have a degree in gender studies and photography, and to my knowledge am the only person in Britain with that degree. You would think thats an indicator that its useless but actually I loved it and now work as a photographer and in creative IT (Thats not like creative accounts, honest gov)I am also starting out with a plus size alternative clothing company. I have the website up www.fizzyducks.co.uk and the designs ready for prototype. weeeeeee very exciting!!

I live with my husband Matt, whos both the bain and love of my life. We have a cat, shes in love with me. She's also male.

Three things I've been told about me.
1, Green suits me better than the hulk but its much less advisable to cross me than him.
2, Crazy ass hats do make me a better person!!
3, My *Im not doing anything out of the ordinary* look, fools no one.