Clear out

I'm going to have a bit of a trim of my friends page, I added quite a few people recently from an add_me comunity post and have met some interesting people but a few I don't think I have clicked with. I gauge this by looking at your name and if I can name three things I know about you then you have at least infultrated my LJ space enough for me to remember you. If not, chances are I'm already scanning passed your posts. Its nothing personal, there is no one I specifically dislike or don't get on with, just a few who I don't feel I have much interest in keeping up with either.

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This is a none friends only post, I rarely do them but this needed saying.

Its always sad when you find out so called friends are in fact 2 faced. Im not saying how or why I know as they are on my lj list, but you wont be soon. Im quite upset to learn not only this person but a few others saw fit to discuss me an my life with people they know have a problem with me just to score browny points, I can understand the immaturity aspect and wanting to be part of the gang but to then continue to act as a friend and a confident through some awful times is just sickening. Ive not only had to put up with losing friends I could have made through second hand information and bad mouthing but also caused someone I used to get on really well with to think badly of me. Id like to point out Ive never asked someone to spy on someones lj for me, Ive been told things in discussion without asking and in confidence and ive never betrayed that confidence, mine however, has been repeatidly violated. Ive had people ask to see mine and people offer to show me things and ive always said no.

I really want all this back stabbing an bullshit stirring to stop, I havent done even half the things people have accused me of or the things people bandish about as fact. Once your name gets blackened it seems its fine by all to throw more mud. Can I just say, Im a person too not just some faceless name you can use to vent your frustration at, an for each time someone sticks the knife in, it hurts that bit more. Im by no means a saint, ive made mistakes and paid for them ten fold but I don't deserve this anymore. This continued barage of abuse, insinuation and second guessing. Im not proud of everything Ive done and to some etent Id say ashamed but thats well in the past, the last year or two has been a big deal for me, Ive worked through a lot an realised the bad traits I had, Ive tried to apologise for things but sometimes its just best to cut your losses and accept people dont always want to hear it, but could I ask those people please either leave me be or speak to me. Im not doing or saying anything now that would hurt anyone an the person you think i am is not the case.

Well thanks, now i know why a large proportion of the shit ive had to endure has happened. Next time you are online I will speak to you directly, but i needed to vent. Im sure this will get relayed to the other people involved so ill leave you with this. . .

We all have faults, but I am not and have never been the low life you have portrayed me as, Im not deceitful and I dont feel the need to know the intimate details of other peoples lives, friend or otherwise. Before you slate people, take a look at yourself an how you treat people cos be damn sure eventually people will treat you the same.

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Hi, to everyone who may want to know whats in this journal, or in fact can see this (unless you're on my friends list) then I imagine you've attempted to see my journal. If you should so wish to know the inner ramblings of head or the events at which i find myself then please feel free to email me and I'll be happy to share anything you want to know. I have nothing to hide, the reason my journal is private is so I can write openly about my feelings to a select group of people. There are no secrets and nothing that can't be shared. My email is If you want to know, i guess you'll need to grow a pair an fucking ask.

Hey Jodie here.

 Hi guys, ive started a new journal, im having a clear out of things i dont need in my life so from now on this will be my journal. Not everyone is getting moved across so id appreciate discresion from you as im trusting you with this journal. if anything comes out from this journal i will shut it down to private. 

Im going to do a proper update, probably quite a long one, later but for now im off to buy a mirror.